Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sleepy Sunday

This week it is just the guys.

                            Martian is next to me in the computer room.
                                      Thor is passed out by the dryer.
                                 Thomas Catticus is up on my dresser.
                                            TJ's turn by the dryer.

Hope you all have a nice restful day!


  1. We like how they all found some clothes or something to sleep on except for Martian! Guess there's no clothes in the computer room!

  2. Lazybones! And we know, we're doing the exact same thing!

  3. Thomas Catticus is a cool name, but I still think Mittens is my favourite out of all your names!

  4. Cool seems like you had a great boy's weekend on the laundry.

  5. snoozing the day away! you guys need some more action in your day! although i'm sure there's plenty of action in your day already. we're just not seeing it. :)

  6. We like everybody's own snoozy spot! :-)