Monday, May 28, 2012

Time For Loving

 I do not have a picture of this, wish I did. So just some misc pic's of them. Last night after getting out of the shower I sat on the bed to put on my socks. The Martian who always follows me out from the bathroom jumped up on to the bed to be next to me. He does this all the time, so nothing new there. After he walked behind me I laid back to give him some attention for a couple of minutes. When I sat up Squirrel was on the floor at the foot of the bed looking like she wanted to join me.

The Martian following me around the house.
So I got up put on my pants then sat back down. Now she does not usually jump up on the bed when I call her. Even though she looks like she wants to, at best when I give up and get up she will jump up. This time she did come up heading straight for my lap. So now I was petting a cat with each hand. Then Mizz Purrzzy came in wanting attention. She does not usually get on the bed with me, when she does it is just a drive by. She will jump up brush against me then back down. This time I was able to get her to stay.

Squirrel in her sink.

Mizz Purrzzy in a box.

She was at the foot of the bed laying on the edge on my right side, Squirrel was still in my lap. The Martian was on my right nuzzling against my neck and shoulder. What made this note worthy is that normally Squirrel would have jumped down when Mizz Purrzzy jumped up. Not only that, they were almost face-to-face being only about a hand width apart. Then after a couple of minutes of this, PLOP.

In bed by her self.
Lil' Bit in the recliner.
I turned to look, here came Lil' Bit walking around me to get to my left side. She is very energetic and restless so she would rub against my hand walk away then back again. Finally she settled down for some chin scratches. Now I have a cat in my lap, one in each hand rubbing my head and chin against a fourth. Can you say my hands were full. With all the NMK's (Not My Kitties) out side the only one missing was Mittens who was sound asleep in her tunnel.

Her regular night time spot.
Canon SX40 HS 12MP 35X Optical Zoom Digital Camera Black 5251B001
Tired out from play.
This was a very nice peaceful family gathering, of all most the entire group. Knowing that this would probably not happen again, I stayed there for as long as I could. Just giving each of them some love and attention. First scratching one chin, then rubbing anothers ear. This went on for about 10 minutes with the five of us. It only stopped because I had to get up. It made for a special and memorable moment. No sibling rivalries, not cat fights, no one running away, just all of them enjoying the moment. Maybe next time Mittens will join in, I can only hope.  

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Early Mornings

 Each morning after I get up, straighten the bed, its bed time. When I go in to put on my shoes just before leaving the house to go to work, this is what I see. I guess they have had a busy night and are ready for bed. Probably still warm. I kinda of wonder if they will stay there all day. Mizz Purrzzy, who will not sleep with me, will take this time to lay on the bed. Same with Mittens, she is rarely on the bed. These pictures were taken over a few days time, each day roll call changed.  

Pretty, Lil' Bit cleaning her self, Mittens on right.

The Martian with Squirrel. 

Squirrel with Mizz Purrzzy who she usually avoids.

These two have gotten used to sleeping together.
Ugly in front The Martian in back.

Pretty the first one to bed each night and most mornings.
TJ on the right sometimes sleeps with me.

Two days later I had not picked up the old sheets.
The Twins were here when I got home from work.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Daddy's Little Helpers

 There are 2 things I can do that will get the attention of every cat in the house. Then they come running, I don't even have to call them, they just suddenly appear. First anything having to do with food. If I bring groceries into the house they will ignore me (not all of them Lil' Bit always has to check out the shopping), but if there is cat food in the bags everyone is there. I don't know how they know it but they do. If I move a can of cat food they can hear it. Open a new bag of dry... well you can see in the photos.

Getting a new bag ready.

Can not wait for it to be put in the bowls. 

The second thing is make the bed. The can hear the movement of the sheets when I pull them off, even if I am just folding the sheets they come running. No matter how quite I try to be they still hear it, even when I can not hear anything. Then as you can see from the photos they try to help. I will toss the old sheets on the floor while I am putting the clean sheets on. Those that are over taxed from helping will use them to take a nap.  

Putting clean sheets on they make sure they are placed properly.

Mittens under the sheet.

Almost done

Just finished.

Ugly resting.

Pretty's turn for a much needed rest.

As you can see they were all very helpful.