Thursday, June 30, 2011

International Box Day

My brood asked me if we could participate in “International Box Day” this year. So naturally I gave in. This is the third anniversary and the cool graphic was provided by Zoolatry at this link. I wish to thank them for making it available for everyone to use.

All that needs to be done to participate is to post pictures of pets and their boxes. With my group, there is almost always at least one in/on a box at all times. Here are just a few of the many pictures I have of my cats with their boxes. With no further explanation I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

Happy International Box Day everyone! Enjoy! (PS Posted late, Blogger would not let me post this morning. Sorry)


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sleepy Sunday

Once again it is a day of rest and relaxation. Everyone is doing their part in making sure that the serious business of sleep is taken care of. Today I don't work so I am able to join them in an afternoon nap.

                                                  Broke Cat.

                               The box was in her way, so she moved it.

                                                Still broken.

                                    Tom at rest in the front room.

                                              Group nap.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Our First Award

We were just passed the “Irresistibly Sweet Award” by our friends at “Devoted to Willow”. They are somewhat new to the blogosphere, but are quickly making friends. I would encourage you to stop by and get to know them, you will be glad you did. The girls are very excited about this, the boys are mostly indifferent.

I am suppose to list seven unknown facts then pass it on to 15 others. So I decided to take you all into my confidence and share some secrets. You are all sworn to secrecy as some of these can “Wreck lives and ruin reputations”. You mustn't let them know I told you anything, OK.

1. Aloof Mittens is secretly glad to see me come home from work. The rest will greet me at the door. She gets up goes to the love seat by the door and pretends to sharpen her claws. She will just stay there stretched out until I scratch her behind the ears, totally forgetting to sharpen her claws. She plays it off afterwords by walking to the food bowls.

2. Tom likes the attention of getting petted. First time was at the vets, when he was injured. After getting petted for a few minutes he started to purr.

3. Squirrel has a secret obsession with fats. She likes to lick the grease and oil out of pans, unless I am careful she will clean them before I can wash them. I also have to put the butter where she can not reach.

4. Lil' Bit who growls at everyone that showed up after she did isn't so fierce. She will hide behind the open door then reach between the open door and the door jam to playfully swat the butts of the outdoor cats as they go out. I also caught her a couple of times playing with TJ.

5. Scaredy cat Girl who does not play with others likes Lil' Bit. When swatted by Lil' Bit she will turn around and start to give chase. That is until she realizes what she is doing and might be seen by the others doing so. Still it it progress.

6. Girl secretly wants to be a lap cat. She will walk over to me on the couch look at my lap, start to climb in then realizes someone might see.

7. Squirrel is a junk food junkie. Her favorite is Nacho Cheese Doritos.

I would like to pass the award on to the following

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sleepy Sunday

This week it is just the guys.

                            Martian is next to me in the computer room.
                                      Thor is passed out by the dryer.
                                 Thomas Catticus is up on my dresser.
                                            TJ's turn by the dryer.

Hope you all have a nice restful day!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mittens Shadow

When you think of a shadow you usually think of a featureless shape. Something seen when the sun or a bright light is shining, creating a silhouette similar to the object in question. Or an outline form similar to you if you are looking at your own shadow. Not so with Mittens hers is in living technicolor. Calico to be precise, also a bit smaller. Keeping her from realizing how big she really is.

The shadow. (Mittens in the box)

Trying to get away.

When Mizz Purrzzy joined the family she was not readily accepted by one and all. Mama Mittens who gets along with most everyone took her in. Ever sense she has followed Mittens everywhere. Mimicking her every move. As you can see in the photos anywhere Mittens is Mizz Purrzzy is not to far away.

Play with me!

Mittens says "What again?"

Some times just as soon as Mittens would lay down, she would run up rubbing under Mittens chin, looking to get bathed. Eventually Mittens found this annoying. You could tell by the expression on her face, or by her trying to get away. Just like she was screening “I need some ME time”. Now with Pretty & Ugly hanging around more, Mizz Purrzzy has someone else to play with. Still Mittens has her shadow. So for Mittens here are the lyrics to her song.

Whatcha doing?

Mittens thinks she has gotten away.

Me and my shadow
Strolling down the avenue
Me and my shadow
Not a soul to tell our troubles to
Cann't I eat in peace?

And when it's twelve o'clock
We climb the stair
We never knock
For nobody's there

Even when doing chores.

Just me and my shadow
All alone and feelin' blue

Play time!!!

And when it's twelve o'clock
We climb the stair
We never knock
For nobody's there

Can I have a bath????

Just me and my shadow
All alone and feelin' blue

Oh, all right... sigh.

Sometimes Mittens just wishes she could be all alone.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Misc News

Bragging Time

Asleep on the bills.

Getting a drink.

Right at home on the counter!!

All by herself.

Here are a couple of pictures of Girl exploring new territory. She is up on the counter where I put out the water. She got up there all by her self. I do have a water dish in my bedroom just for her. After she came out the other day to eat with the other cats I stopped feeding her in the bedroom. Now she is good about joining them most of the time. Some times I have to sit with her to get her to eat. Mail and bills collect on the floor next to the coffee table. You can see her sleeping on them, something the other cats do. This is her first time. Lately when I come home from work, when all the cats gather around the door to greet me she has been joining in. I wish I could get a pic of her in the middle of the others. My little girl is growing up to be a big brave kitty.

Bed Partners

Its bed time.

I have mentioned before that Pretty & Ugly come in every night. They always join me in bed, sometimes before I can even turn out the light and crawl in. They are such regulars with me now that I have trouble getting to sleep unless they both join me. So that when one of them does not come in before I go to bed I wake up every hour or so and check the door to let them in. What is nice is the last few nights Squirrel has started to join us. She had gotten shy with so many other cats in the house.

Feeding Time

Every one is starting to get used to the dry food diet. They are not bugging me to be fed wet food as much as they did at first. However the other day when I fixed me a tuna sandwich I did have to fend off several cats. Almost as bad when I cook chicken. They gather around for the kill.


Look at all that hair!

It makes some ball.

Mizz Purrzzy's coat feels like felt when you pet her. But her hairs feel coarse when gathered together. She is constantly shedding, I know I need to brush her more. Here are some pictures showing how bad. After several strokes from neck to tail I just rub my hands together and this is what I got. Quite the fur ball don't you think. First image is the pile second one is after I rolled it into a ball.

Pretty Ugly.

You can now get your very own “Pretty Ugly” from my Zazzle store. I just uploaded their image. I plan to start updating my products over the next few weeks. Stop by and check it out. All profits go to feeding the clowder.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sleepy Sunday

Another Sunday, another hard day of rest. As you can see these cats are pros. They take the job of napping very seriously. Next week I hope to be better prepared and have some pics of the others who rarely appear.

Pretty on the conter.

Mittens & Squirrel on a pair of dirty jeans.

Blackie on the dresser.

Ugly & Pretty on the other dresser.

Mizz Purrzzy on the dresser.

Mittens nose in my shoe. (Just loves my shoes)


Thursday, June 9, 2011


How could someone so cute be such a pest, you ask? Well let me tell you. TJ can be a major pest, not just part of the time but most of the time. He will not leave you alone. Keeps bugging you while his unmade up mind is still undecided. He does what ever he can to annoy you to get his way, while he still does not know just what it is he wants.

 Innocent looking!!!!

He will come to the front door and pick at the screen on the window. He is not scratching, just picking at it to make a pop pop pop sound, so you will know he is there. He keeps at it until I let him in. If he is in wanting out he will go to the loveseat by the front window walk along the back rattling the blinds. Or if in the bed room jump in the window to do the same thing. Every time I move he runs to the door wanting out.

  Wore out from going in and out so much.

I just think he has a fascination with doors, just can not get enough of going in and out of them. One day while sitting on the couch I heard him at the window. I got up to let him in, then I headed to the kitchen to get something to drink. He raced me to the back door so I could let him out. Total time inside 6 seconds. Once outside he sat at the back door, looked at me like he wanted me to let him in.
  Think up mischief.

Other times he will appear at the back door wanting in. When I open it to let him in he just sniffs at the door. If I partly close the door he will then use his paw to open it and come in. When he is inside every time I get up he will run to the door to be let out. TJ will try to co-hoarse me or trip me to get my attention.

 Yet another door.

When I let him in the front door he stops at my feet blocking me from moving. Tossing his head down, throwing his rear into the air. Wanting a ear rubbing until he falls over or to have me swat his rear. TJ is my bongo kitty. He loves to have me use the side of his belly or rear to play the bongos. He likes it ruff and loud, and will imminently start to purr. I think he is a bit loopy myself.
 Playing coy.

What prompted me to write this is because of what he did a couple of hours ago. I was sitting at the computer when he came in pestering me to let him out. So I opened the window for him to go out. I then went into the next room, which is the kitchen. Pretty was sitting there wanting out. I opened the door to let her out and TJ came running in. Total time outside. 4 seconds. He just can not seem to ever make up his mind.
 Mornings before work.

For those of you who don't know TJ is one of the neighborhood cats. So not being one of my kitties he is an outside cat. Although in the mornings when I go to work that is the only time he does not want out. So some days he stays inside all day. Then starts up again that night.