Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Our First Award

We were just passed the “Irresistibly Sweet Award” by our friends at “Devoted to Willow”. They are somewhat new to the blogosphere, but are quickly making friends. I would encourage you to stop by and get to know them, you will be glad you did. The girls are very excited about this, the boys are mostly indifferent.

I am suppose to list seven unknown facts then pass it on to 15 others. So I decided to take you all into my confidence and share some secrets. You are all sworn to secrecy as some of these can “Wreck lives and ruin reputations”. You mustn't let them know I told you anything, OK.

1. Aloof Mittens is secretly glad to see me come home from work. The rest will greet me at the door. She gets up goes to the love seat by the door and pretends to sharpen her claws. She will just stay there stretched out until I scratch her behind the ears, totally forgetting to sharpen her claws. She plays it off afterwords by walking to the food bowls.

2. Tom likes the attention of getting petted. First time was at the vets, when he was injured. After getting petted for a few minutes he started to purr.

3. Squirrel has a secret obsession with fats. She likes to lick the grease and oil out of pans, unless I am careful she will clean them before I can wash them. I also have to put the butter where she can not reach.

4. Lil' Bit who growls at everyone that showed up after she did isn't so fierce. She will hide behind the open door then reach between the open door and the door jam to playfully swat the butts of the outdoor cats as they go out. I also caught her a couple of times playing with TJ.

5. Scaredy cat Girl who does not play with others likes Lil' Bit. When swatted by Lil' Bit she will turn around and start to give chase. That is until she realizes what she is doing and might be seen by the others doing so. Still it it progress.

6. Girl secretly wants to be a lap cat. She will walk over to me on the couch look at my lap, start to climb in then realizes someone might see.

7. Squirrel is a junk food junkie. Her favorite is Nacho Cheese Doritos.

I would like to pass the award on to the following

Josie from Musings of my life.. and her two wonderful cats Phoebe & Cordelia

A Cat Called Freya with fur siblings Teego & Chatzi

A Cat Named Homer one of the sweetest kitties you will meet

The Celestial Kitties

House of Cats an adorable clowder of kitties (I just love that word)

Meesha from Kitty Cat Bliss who always brings a smile to my face

Fae from Life with Fae who has a new sibling Iggy

The Naughty Kitty Club with Barney

Travis of Travis Little Man

Margs Pets A wonderful group of furry friends

Athena The Torbie Cat

Bingo from Bingo's Big Adventure

Ollie the Ex-Foster Cat

Kat's Kats

Crazy Catlady Charm


  1. Oh! Our Sneaky Pie loves Nacho Doritos! Congratulations - you alls sure are sweet! And we understand about how its easier to be even braver from behind the door ;-)

  2. Concatulations on your award! Thank you for sharing all those facts about yourselves ... we love learning about our friends. :)

  3. congrats on your award and thanks for passing it on to Fae. :)

    Fae is kind of a reluctant lapcat too. she'll sit there and stare and stare and stare for forever at me wanting to get in my lap but for some reason is hesitant to. it's strange. ^^;