Thursday, June 9, 2011


How could someone so cute be such a pest, you ask? Well let me tell you. TJ can be a major pest, not just part of the time but most of the time. He will not leave you alone. Keeps bugging you while his unmade up mind is still undecided. He does what ever he can to annoy you to get his way, while he still does not know just what it is he wants.

 Innocent looking!!!!

He will come to the front door and pick at the screen on the window. He is not scratching, just picking at it to make a pop pop pop sound, so you will know he is there. He keeps at it until I let him in. If he is in wanting out he will go to the loveseat by the front window walk along the back rattling the blinds. Or if in the bed room jump in the window to do the same thing. Every time I move he runs to the door wanting out.

  Wore out from going in and out so much.

I just think he has a fascination with doors, just can not get enough of going in and out of them. One day while sitting on the couch I heard him at the window. I got up to let him in, then I headed to the kitchen to get something to drink. He raced me to the back door so I could let him out. Total time inside 6 seconds. Once outside he sat at the back door, looked at me like he wanted me to let him in.
  Think up mischief.

Other times he will appear at the back door wanting in. When I open it to let him in he just sniffs at the door. If I partly close the door he will then use his paw to open it and come in. When he is inside every time I get up he will run to the door to be let out. TJ will try to co-hoarse me or trip me to get my attention.

 Yet another door.

When I let him in the front door he stops at my feet blocking me from moving. Tossing his head down, throwing his rear into the air. Wanting a ear rubbing until he falls over or to have me swat his rear. TJ is my bongo kitty. He loves to have me use the side of his belly or rear to play the bongos. He likes it ruff and loud, and will imminently start to purr. I think he is a bit loopy myself.
 Playing coy.

What prompted me to write this is because of what he did a couple of hours ago. I was sitting at the computer when he came in pestering me to let him out. So I opened the window for him to go out. I then went into the next room, which is the kitchen. Pretty was sitting there wanting out. I opened the door to let her out and TJ came running in. Total time outside. 4 seconds. He just can not seem to ever make up his mind.
 Mornings before work.

For those of you who don't know TJ is one of the neighborhood cats. So not being one of my kitties he is an outside cat. Although in the mornings when I go to work that is the only time he does not want out. So some days he stays inside all day. Then starts up again that night.


  1. i have met such indecisive cats as TJ before and yes, they are a pain! can't stop loving them, though. <3

  2. LOL. The mom thought I (Nicki) was a pest. Maybe she'd better rethink that after reading about TJ! :-D

  3. Time for a Cat Flap! He sure has you well trained.