Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mittens stray nuter spay cat kitten Lil Bit

Sorry I have been so long in posting I have had a couple of emergencies with cats and have been busy with them I will post all about it after I finish the introductions. I almost lost one of my cats and had a litter show up and had to take care of them. I have been busy with all that and more. This is the last page of introductions and will get on with the story of my cats.
Well that is the first 3 cats and how they showed up. Mittens was starting to settle in and getting used to not being let out (all my kitties are indoor kitties now). My neighbor was helping me to get all the strays spayed or neutered. She wanted to get all the Toms fixed as they can get more than one female knocked-up at a time. I had 2 that I though were pregnant and one that I was sure was. The humane society had a free day and with her help we took 2 males and the pregnant one in. We arrived 45 min early and wound up being about 15 behind the cut off point. They went through the line taking names etc. We told them that the cats were feral and were able to get them all fixed for free but they tipped the ears. One of these was Tom a complete stray I still do not think he has a home. One was TJ (Tom Jones, not his real name) named by my neighbor because she found out all males were toms and that was the first tom name she thought of. The third had no name, she was blue colored and pregnant. Just a small kitty I thought she got knocked up during her first heat appeared to be about 6-9 months old. Having to give her a name on the spot I named her Lil' Bit. Because she was a little bitty, itsy wincey, teeny tiny kitty, way too small to have kittens. Males need to be kept in for about a week after being neutered and females 2 weeks. My neighbor kept TJ for about 5 days before she could not take it anymore. We let him out as I could no keep him Tom would fight with him. Tom stayed with me for 7 days and Lil' Bit 2 weeks. After which I could not let her go I felt sorry for the poor little thing. Now 3 cats is my max, that gives them someone to play with. Especially with Girl being so afraid and hiding the other 2 had someone to play with. But I just could not abandoned Lil' Bit to her fate so I took her in. I have not been sorry scene. All she thinks of is Play Play Play. If she is not sleeping the she is running after a soccer ball. I have some foam balls from the pet store that are colored to look like soccer balls.
With these 4 as indoor kitties I now keep my back door shut and do not let MY kitties out. But I still have others looking to be fed. Tom can come in any time he wants as he is my favorite of the strays, poor thing. Well 3 of the others showed up pregnant at the same time. Again my neighbor helped me and we took them in and dropped them off at the Humane Society. At $35 a pop this was over $100 she paid $55 and I did the rest. I knew there they had the best chance of being adopted and living. As the local pound puts most anamals down. That was on a Sunday on Thursday they showed up again at my back door. I recently found out that those 3 and TJ belong to my neighbor across the alley. So Blackie Ugly and her twin Pretty came back. Blackie's real name is Fee Fee. Pretty is Precious, and I am unable to remember or pronounce Ugly's name so still call her Ugly. Also found out that TJ was Marvin and one other that I called Bandit until I found Thor on his collar was named Sylvester. I found this all out recently when TJ (Marvin) was sick. One of the issues I recently dealt with.