Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Helping with the Chores

Toys under the fridge.
 This post is going to be rich in pictures, I had a lot of help. The night before my last day of work for the week, I clean house. So when I come home the next night I don't have to worry about doing any chores on my day off, and can just relax. I am not the greatest at keeping a clean house, but I do sweep, mop, vacuum, and clean the bathroom once a week. I do laundry as needed. Dusting and such a couple of times a year. Hey I am a bachelor after all. The thing about having a house full of cats is that I also have a house full of helpers, as you will see. Each one doing their part in helping me with the chores.

Mittens making sure I put in a new bag.

Martian checking it out.

Mittens eating a treat with the vacuum running just below her.

Ugly inspects the waher.

Martian, Lil' Bit and Squirrel make sure I clean under the fridge and stove. How else will I get their lost toys. I do this once every month to collect the pile of toys that build up. I use a wooden dowel to get them out along with tons of cat hair. As you can see their favorite toys to play with on hard floors are the tops and rings from milk cartons etc. Besides that I must have about 20 of the soccer balls lost somewhere in the house.

Waiting for me to get started.

Making sure I get the pillow cases.

Waiting for fresh sheets.

Helping with the fitted sheet.

Mittens is the most helpful, you can see she is in most of the pictures. Her main job is to supervise and inspect my work. You can see her making sure I change the bag on the vacuum. Martian checks it out when I a ready. The first time Mittens was inside when I vacuumed I had to pick her up and move her out of the way. A gentle nudge with the machine did not make her move. Later on she became a bit more weary. Now I give her treats when I vacuum.

Lil' Bit joins in.

Inspecting the top sheet.

Pretty asking if she can help.

Blackie & Squirrel add to the fun.

Ugly made sure the washing machine was ready for me to put a new load in. Of course I had to help her out of it before I could start. Next Mittens was on the bed to help me remove the sheets. After that she really got into her work while I put clean sheets on. Lil' Bit even joined in to help, she is the glowing eyes in the one picture. Checking to see if I needed more help Pretty talked to Mittens (under the sheet) to see what she could do. Finally Blackie came in to help

All worked out.

Snack time.

Back to work.

Finished at last!!

Having gotten the sheets on I decided to wait until my helpers left before finishing. Two hours later you can see that they were all tired out from helping and taking a nap. So I decided to open a new bag of food to coax them out. It almost worked as you can see Pretty is missing from the group. I decided to move her, poor tired thing was still sleeping. Rushing back in to finish, Mittens was eager to help. Once done Pretty joined her for some more rest from all their hard labors. Now you can see why it takes me 2-3 hours to change the sheets on my bed. Usually I have more help but the others decided to slack off this time. Hope you enjoy the pictures.



  1. After watching all that work, I think *I* need a nap!

  2. Wow !!!! You guys rock !
    get all thing done by command : ) Especially, Mittens eating a treat with the vacuum running just below her. That's expert !!!..MOL

  3. LOL at Freya's comment.

    You all are VERY helpful, we're so impressed. We don't like the sucky monster and so steer clear. And for some reason, the mom tends to close her bedroom door to change the sheets on her bed. Can't think why. :-P

  4. Wow! That is a lot of work! You are all so very helpful. :)

  5. gah! i really gotta clean our place more often. :( i think you might clean even more than me... ^^;;;

    it's so nice of the cats to help you. ;)