Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Daddy's Little Helpers

 There are 2 things I can do that will get the attention of every cat in the house. Then they come running, I don't even have to call them, they just suddenly appear. First anything having to do with food. If I bring groceries into the house they will ignore me (not all of them Lil' Bit always has to check out the shopping), but if there is cat food in the bags everyone is there. I don't know how they know it but they do. If I move a can of cat food they can hear it. Open a new bag of dry... well you can see in the photos.

Getting a new bag ready.

Can not wait for it to be put in the bowls. 

The second thing is make the bed. The can hear the movement of the sheets when I pull them off, even if I am just folding the sheets they come running. No matter how quite I try to be they still hear it, even when I can not hear anything. Then as you can see from the photos they try to help. I will toss the old sheets on the floor while I am putting the clean sheets on. Those that are over taxed from helping will use them to take a nap.  

Putting clean sheets on they make sure they are placed properly.

Mittens under the sheet.

Almost done

Just finished.

Ugly resting.

Pretty's turn for a much needed rest.

As you can see they were all very helpful.


  1. We have built-in sonar to detect all food and bed sheet movement. It's part of our DNA.
    ; ) Katie

  2. Kitty ears, they pick up all the important things!