Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thank You

I was going to write about my attention hog this time. As I wrote it though it was longer than I thought. So I decided to make it a two part post about him next week. After I do my “Sleepy Sunday” post. I started doing that on Sundays to try having a regular feature. Just something simple and easy so even if I don't feel like blogging I would still be able to post.

Girl Kitty!

Squirrel just after getting spayed.

So this time just wanted to thank everyone for the comments and support. Fist let me reply to the comments I received on my last post. As always your remarks are kind, encouraging, and positive. I would like to thank everyone for the comments they have left. I have enjoyed them, even if I did not get a chance to reply to some of them.

Mitten Kitten on the couch.

Lil' Bit. (Notice anything different here?)

As for Blackie, I will try to get more pictures of her to post and mention her more in the future (Black cats are one of my favorites also). I will also ask “M” if it is OK for me to post the pictures I have of her cat. Neko is solid black, she is larger about the size of Mittens, except she is a short hair. Some one in our complex was leaving her out most of the time. Turned out it was her ex boyfriends cat, I believe she just did not care about the cat. She was getting ready to move, but did not want to take the cat with her. (I think she was just going to abandon it) I talked “M” into taking her in. She named it Neko after adopting it. After a couple of months I was able to talk her into keeping Neko as an indoors only cat. “M” has a kind hart and did not need much persuading.

Mizz Purrzzy with her babies.

Mizz Purrzzy up for adoption.

Martian has not been posted anywhere as being adoptable, for a few reasons. I am not sure how to on CB, nor if I would want to. I see so many cats in desperate need, special needs cats or some needing to be saved from being put to sleep. I would not want to take space or attention away from any of those cats. Our situation is not desperate, just occasionally frustrating. I am not on Facebook or Twitter, I would feel more comfortable knowing he goes to a real cat lover. As he was formally feral he is not exactly the cat for everyone. In the past I tried Craigslist with Mizz Purrzzy, but with so many cats in my area only got replys asking if she was a kitten (I post adult cat). One did ask if she was good with kids, I had to reply I have not seen her around cats but she is very loving and playful and think she would be. They did not write back.

Clock wise from the top
My neighbors 5 cats.

Thomas Cattacus!

When I first got Mittens I added her to Catster as adoptable. Mizz Purrzzy is also listed as adoptable I have never gotten an inquiry. There is a young girl that started at work when I did. She said as soon as she gets settled and can save up for the pet deposit she would like to take in one of my cats. So I do ask around with people I know and have them ask around. I also will talk about it on my blog here amongst cat lovers. Most all of my cats are adoptable, even Girl. But she would take a very special home before I would even consider it with her. I know she would be happier as an only kitty, in a very quite home, no kids, indoors only. It would break my heart but to make her happy I would let her go.

The Martian was pretty beat up when I first saw him.

Just look at the pretty kitty ignore the mess.

As for some of the other comments thank you all for the encouragement, support, and suggestions. It is so nice to know that so many people really care about cats. I feel they are often misunderstood and distrusted, being my special cause. I do like all pets, dogs, ferrets, birds, etc. As to creating images, I have tried Gimp in the past, thanks for the recommendation. From what I remember it is mostly just a photo editor. So if any one has any suggestions on a program that will let me draw pictures from scratch I would appreciate it.

As to the pictures this time, just a mixed lot. Some may have been posted before. I did make sure I got at least one of all 12 cats posted. Some more than once.

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  1. i really hope that all of your cats that're up for adoption find good forever homes. i know how hard it is to find homes for cats... :( goodluck!

    for drawing i use Illustrator, but really you can draw in any graphics program, including GIMP. it's just nicer using Illustrator because it smooths out your lines and uses vectors.

    sadly i can't think of any free graphics program that's specifically aimed at drawing. :/ i googled and found this site: 35 free graphics programs. maybe you can find something that works for you there. :)