Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sleepy Sunday

This weekend I have Sunday off, I think I might join them this afternoon for a nap.

                                              Mittens favorite pillow.

           A bath before bed time. Mittens tells Mizz Purrzzy to wash behind her ears.

                                             Squirrel in the box.

                                            A Pretty pair of pictures.

                                       Brave Girl napping in the front room.

 Taking turns. (They only sleep in the bed when I pick it up to vacuum) That’s Ugly in the first pic, just a big ball of fur.



  1. Such cute Easy Sunday pictures. We were doing okay until we saw that bright orange tent in the end. MOL

  2. Pawsome nap spots! The hoomans shoes are one of our fav spots too, enjoy!
    luna & zulu

  3. I like your cat igloo..Awesome Color and look so comfy.
    Have a lovely nap day : )