Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sleepy Sunday

Cat Naps

The day starts out innocently enough, every one shares a special treat. Some fresh milk. Then it is nap time.

Squirrel takes the high ground in the cat tree.

Mittens loves her boxes to sleep in.

While Mizz Purrzzy takes the back of the recliner.

Lil' Bit snuggles in another box bed.

While Ugly hides in her box, all curled up comfy like.

A change of positions when Ugly decides to join Lil' Bit on top of the cabinets.

Mittens decided to join Squirrel on their beach towel.

They curl up next to each other to start their long day of napping.

All tangled up and comfy like best friends should be.

The twins Pretty, Ugly choose to team up on an end table.

But you just can not keep Mitten away from my shoes

Lil' Bit figured it was finally time for bed.

Squirrel joins Lil' Bit in the bedroom, Nesting in my clean jeans on top of the dresser.

Back in the front room the twins change napping spots.

They did decide to go out to play in the sun.

Last but not least Tom decides to drop by for a nap. He does not come around so much any more with all the other kitties hanging around. So this is a rare treat indeed.

This is how Sundays are spent at my place, with everyone laying around all day. As you can imagine all that moving around must be extremely tiring work. Requiring lots of cat naps to rest up between moves. Of course with a house full of cats most days are like this.


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