Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Shameless Self Promo

Kittens Prayer

Just as the tittle of the blog states, this is a plug for my stores at Zazzle and Cafe Press. Links are in the tittles under each image. I started these up a while back, partly for fun (something to try out) partly to raise some extra funds. Taking care of my cats plus all the strays I figure every little bit helps. (Speaking of which Lil' Bit is in my lap right now demanding to be petted) All the proceeds goes to the cats. I have two philosophizes, “It's all about the cats” & “Cats first” . I find I buy their food first, then pay my bills and groceries next. Much like a parent I guess, I know how to do with out the extras, like little kids they do not understand. I keep them fat and happy, plus it keeps me from gaining weight from eating junk food. Over all a nice arrangement.

Maneki Neko

Lucky Cat

What prompted me to write this post, was that I had gotten an email offering a discount for mentioning a company in one of my posts with a link to their site. They suggested I offer it as a giveaway. I was going to include it in this post, but after giving it some consideration I decided not to. Probably a reputable company but one never knows with unsolicited emails. I am sure some of you have gotten similar offers, and may have had great success with it. I was just concerned about promising something I might not be able to deliver.

Please Spay & Neuter!

Stone Maneki Neko

Any ways I decided to do an entire post promoting sales, thinking I was going to include aforementioned company in it somewhere. Now however I am just going to post some images I created and have available at my two online shops. Same images at each mostly, just that they have different products and prices. I hope to be able to add to these in the future, as I have a dozen or more ideas. However I do not have Photoshop or other software to create the images I want. I am trying to find someone to help me do this.

Lil' Bit helped.

Right now my items are basic and only somewhat creative. If I had any artistic talent I could draw and scan them, alas I do not. Here are some of the better ones, I hope you like them. Remember all proceeds go to the kitties. Each image is linked to either Zazzle or Cafe Press, also I have a link to each on the side.


Oh and Squirrel says hello.

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  1. what program(s) do you use....? have you heard of GIMP? it's a free graphics program that some people love, others hate. maybe it could work for you?