Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Special Dinner Guest

 Everyone gathers around.
 Sorry I have been away so long, things just kinda of got busy for a while. Anyways on with the story. Normally when I get home I will open 6 cans of wet food, one for each of my cats. I put one in the bedroom which is where Girl eats. She is afraid to eat with the others, over night while they sleep with me they will finish off the can. In the mornings I would place a new can in the bedroom. To keep the others away I have to open a couple of more for them. Once they walk away I let the others in for the night, so they can eat.

Waiting to be fed.
 I usually clean house the night before my last day at work, so I can come home and relax for my day off. When I do this I do not feed them until I am done, then the outside kitties get to come in and finish it off. Just recently we had to start short rations again, which means I only open 6 cans a day. So each evening they each get one can then nothing more until the next night. I always have dry and water out along with leaving the toilet lid up, which Martian prefers.

 Whats this....

 Who is this stranger??
 They had been on this schedule for about a week when my hours changed again. I also stopped on the way home which meant I got a late start cleaning. While I was waiting for the kitchen floor to dry I was on the computer. At my window was 4 of the outside cats wanting in. Feeling sorry for them I let them in, deciding I could open a few extra cans. Everybody was hungry, not yet used to the new feeding schedule.

  The crowd gathers 'round.

Still eating!

As you can see in the first couple of pictures, most got up onto the counter where I put their food trays while I mop. Once the floor dries I put down new trays (cat food boxes). You can see the outside cats eating the dry. Just as I was getting ready to put some food out someone new came up (see third pic) looking to eat. I told you they were hungry. Poor Girl must have been starved for her to brave the clowder. (On a side note I often worry that she is getting enough to eat. I will often spoil her feeding her when ever she asks by putting her in my room and closing the door so she can eat)

Trying a different can.

 You can see in the fourth pic everyone is checking out the newcomer. The next few pictures are to show how brave she was. She was determined to eat no matter what. A couple of times someone would get too close and she wood swat at them. Not used to this from her they quickly backed away. I am so proud for her. Even though she still was leery she did not give up. In the last couple of pictures you can see just how nervous she was. I tried to get a couple to show her stance, ready to flee.

Ready to run!!

That was just over a week ago, I have only fed her in my room twice sense then. I have caught her sneaking back from the food area a couple of times after getting seconds. I have had to coax her by calling her over then sitting down while she eats. Most times I will place her can away from the others and sit between her and them. She is starting to learn that the others ignore her especially when they are eating, even though she is some of the others favorite toy. Squirrel, Pretty and Mizz Purrzzy will lay in wait for her to come out of the bedroom and chase her. Not a serious attack but not for play either, more like bullies. They pick on her because she will run once they scare her they are done.

Alone at last.

I know it might be a bit mean to force her this way, but I think it is good for her. Every once in a while when I feel she is ready for the next step I will practice some tough love on her. Like when I got tired of chasing her down to feed her forcing her to only eat in the bedroom. When she came out the other night she showed me she was ready to start eating with the others. Who knows maybe in another year or so she will start playing with them. Right now though she still slinks over to the food bowls.



  1. Wow !!! Mom and me think you are cool !
    Mom couldn't handle that, but we think you did a great job : )

  2. wow! I struggle feeding three cats, nevermind how many you feed!

  3. Holy smokes! Look at all those kittehs! Our mom and dad are in awe that you can feed all those cats at once!