Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Black Cat Brown

As some of you may know I live in the desert southwest, southern Arizona to be more precise. This first picture is one of my back yard, it is typical of most yards around here. See all the greenery, nope it is just brown. Grass is something we hear about or see on TV. So far this year I think we have had around one half inch of rain. Dust is a big problem, no matter how much you clean you just can not get rid of it. In some parts of town it is as fine as talcum powder.

Really, she is solid black.

You might wonder what all that has to do with black and brown cats. Well as you know cats love to roll in the grass, except we have no grass near by. We have only weeds, leaves, and dust. Lots and lots and lots of dust. So what is any respectable left cat to do? Take a dust bath!

Feed me.

Last night while I was cooking dinner, Blackie came to the back door wanting in. I opened the door and this is what I found. She was all ready and eager to come in to get a bite and out of the sun. I told her I would not let her in until she cleaned her self. Poor thing I tried to help by using my hands to brush her off, to no avail.


(I have got some help typing. The Martian climbed into my lap and is using his right paw to try to type. He alternate it with using all 4 to push my hands away from the keyboard. If I ignore him long enough he nips at my arms to get my attention)


Back to the story. So not wanting to miss an opportunity I grabbed my camera and went outside to take some pics to share. While outside I met “R” the father of the woman who “owns” Blackie. We got to talking about the Martian, he did not know that I was able to tame him. So I let him out for “R” to see. Know what the first thing he did was? That's right, he took a dust bath. I did not get any pics of him though.

Let me in.

Anyways being the softie that I am, after an hour or so I let Blackie in. She went in and out a few times, before deciding to stay in for the night. She does not normally stay in very long, maybe she was just trying to butter me up. Oh well tomorrow is the day to clean house anyways. She always knows when I clean and will roll around in the leaves before wanting in. Everything sticks to her long hair.

How do I look? Did I miss a spot?

I hope you get as much of a kick out of the brown colored black cat as I did. She did such a complete job of it, only missing part of her face.

I don't care what you think, I had FUN!!
Now let me in!!

P.S. Blackie looked fairly clean this morning when I put her out before going to work.



  1. Hee..Heh..heh..Blackie, you look worse than me. I love love to roll my body with the dirt but you won ..Ha..ha.. I hope your mommy help you clean : )I used to have lots of dust on my body, My mom wiped it off my hand and then wipe me with damp cloth. The rest I do it, but it save me a lots of time to clean : )

    PS : I think you can aske your mom to grow cat grass in the pot, It's yummy and it's so good for your tummy.

  2. ....it must have really sucked for Blackie to clean herself nevermind you cleaning your place!

    no but seriously, i'm sure it sucks for you too. :(

  3. Yes! We highly recommend potted cat grass. Otherwise you're looking like quite the chinchillas!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  4. Sometimes ya just gotta get down and roll in the dirt, it can't be helped!