Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sleepy Sunday

Once again while I have to go off to work everyone else gets to lay around the house.

                                          Squirrel looking silly.

                    Mittens and her shadow Mizz Purrzzy taking over my shoes.

                                           Mittens on the counter.

                                          Mizz Purrzzy had a ruff night.

                                         Girl content on the couch.

                                           Martian hides in the bed.
                                            Pretty in the tunnel.
                                         TJ finds a spot on the floor.



  1. I still say that Miss Purrzy and Mittens are two of the cutest kittie names in the world!

  2. It's so unfair! Just because we humans have thumbs we're punished into a job.
    I want to be a cat!

  3. Oh kitties do have the best job in the world...lounging around, napping etc. etc. Mittens looks pretty comfy.