Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Why So Many Cats

I an not very good at social interaction, that is partly why I started this blog. To improve my social skills. I failed to fully develop them while growing up. I am not anti-social just not very sociable. So if I seem to ignore your comments, fail to visit, or leave a comment when I do, I apologize I am still learning. I am never quite sure of what to do, I don't want to seem rude either.

What's for dinner?

Being currently unemployed and not having any family near by, not much happens. Don't get any visitors. So most days are the same. Kind of makes it hard to have something to write about, when not much is going on. No trips, new toys etc. Most of my posts wind up being descriptions or about behaviors. Things should improve soon.

I'm not going out!

People do ask me why so many cats, and how I can do it. I always believed if you are going to have a cat you should have at least 2. So they will have company while you are at work. I believe 3 is ideal 2 can play with each other while one sleeps. That gives them 4 ways to pair off (AB,AC,BC, or all 3 ABC) I always felt that 3 was my limit, but with Girl being such a loner I made room for a fourth. That gives 3 cats that get along with each other with Girl being alone.

Our bed now!

I am not very soft harted and some people think of me as cold (back to lack of social skills). But I have always been one for the underdog, so to speak. Cats just seem to be the most neglected, abused, and misunderstood of all pets. Watch TV or a movie, when something gets thrown off stage it is a cat you hear holler. How many famous cats can you think of? Even jokes are anti-cat “I like cats they taste good”. Then there is the whole witch thing not to mention black cats. They just have a bad rap all over, so I guess I am kinda of their advocate.

Squirrel's nap spot.

I have outlived a few family members without shedding a tear. Watching those commercials with homeless, abused animals seeing the cats will bring a tear to my eye. Seeing all the cats running around in my neighborhood got to me. Some of them just looked mangy and under fed. Plus I am more aware of problems feral cats have, now that I am older. So I felt I needed to do something to help stop the over-breeding.

Lil' Bit catching a few rays.

To me a dog is just a robot, pre-programed to like you being of a pack mentality. Anyone can be a dogs friend. But to win the approval and friendship of a cat says something about the person. People that want to be god-like and controlling have dogs. People that want friends, companions, equals have cats. I just have more respect for them. I like dogs they are OK, but so does everybody else. Who looks out for the cat. Very few.

Mittens sittin' pretty.

I have the room and as long as I have the money I will continue to care for the unwanted ones. It does get expensive sometimes, but I make sure they are taken care of first. All they need is a chance. It is rewarding to see a timid fearful cat like Girl come out of her shell. Or a mean wild outdoor cat become a loving indoor cat like the Martian. With his fierce independence I did not think he would ever adjust to becoming an indoor cat. But as soon as I let him the first time he has hardly wanted out. Or take Squirrel she used to pick fights with all the others, even had Twinkie afraid of her. She is now a content loving lap kitty. All any of them needed was a place and a chance to let their true personalities to come out.

Still not going out.

Most of the cats I write about are adoptable. I try to get them socialized with people and other cats. Anyone in the Tucson area interested let me know, I can answer any questions you have about adopting one of the cats. I have taken some to the Humane Society, that is where Mizz Purrzzy's kittens went. Kittens get adopted easily. But we have an over abundance of cats. I just checked their website with 191 animals 116 are cats. Craigslist is full of posts for cats. Currently there is no one else to take care of them.

Feed us.

I would like to find them homes. Sometimes it is almost to many. Especially when they keep pestering me while I am trying to work. LOL



  1. We admire the fact that you take care of the cats and try to find them homes.

  2. *nods* i agree with The Island Cats, it's amazing what you do. if i were single, living long-term somewhere and had a place that allowed cats, i'd probably do the same thing.

    i lived in Japan for 3 years and there are so many homeless cats EVERYwhere, it really was heart-breaking, especially for a cat lover like me... there were so many times when i wanted to bring one of them home with me-- and eventually i did, but i couldn't keep a cat because a) i wasn't allowed and b) i wasn't intending to stay in Japan long-term and may not be able to bring a cat with me once i left.

    anyway, yeah.... i know what you mean about seeing such cats getting to you and feeling like you should do something.i wish i could do more for cats (and animals in general) even today. :(