Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Purrfectly Feminine Feline

 Mittens as with all the other cats, started out as a wondering stray. She first showed up when I still was leaving my back door open, letting the cats come and go as they wished. Eventually she started spending the majority of her time with me. Most nights sleeping in bed with me. When I would pick her up I noticed that she smelled perfumery. A nice pleasant aroma not at all like dirt or the outdoors, not like the litter either.

Skinny Cat

One day while “M” was over we were discussing some of the traits each of the cats have. Mittens was in the room next to us when she observed how pink her nose is. I happened to mention that Mittens has the pinkest lips I have seen on a cat. “M” said that was because she was a proper little girl, which caused me to mention how sweet Mittens smelled. She said that mittens was a totally feminine cat. I had to agree. She was all delicate and graceful at that time, still is pretty much. She has lost her girlish figure along with some of her grace along the way.

Good Pose of Mittens.

When you can get a good look at her straight in the face it looks like she is wearing a mask. It reminds me of one worn by French women at masquerade balls in the 1800's. Like you see in the movies, big, flowery that covers the eyes, held on a stick in front of the face. Cat like coming down to a point at the bottom, like in the image. One of the ones that flair out around the cheek bones instead of curving back around the face. Most defiantly a ladies mask. I tried to find a good picture on line here is the best I could find.

Masks from online

Face mask shot.


I have not been able to get a full on face picture of her yet, at least not from the proper angle. If you look at the close ups of her you can get the idea. Both sides are flawlessly symmetrical. She also has little black teardrops under her eyes. Almost like little clasps to hold the mask on her face. Of course she is wearing a long black cape with her underbelly in white. All dressed ready for the ball.

Tear drop at the eyes.

When you scratch her behind the ears she will stare at you with a soft delicate look in her face. Like she is both enjoying it and patiently putting up with you at the same time. I have nicked named her Mamma Mittens. She will sooth and mother the other cats, letting them curl up next to her. She will bath and clean them, attending both Squirrel and Mizz Purrzzy on a regular basis. Those two will come up rub against her until she starts to lick them. Then they will lay down next to her while she cleans them. She will tolerate most any cat, I have seen her do this once or twice with one of the long haired calico's also. Lil' Bit is fiercely independent not into all of that. Mittens is gentle with her too, they both play and chase each other.

Pink nose.


While Mittens has a calming affect on the other cats, she is not sure what to think about the Martian. She along with the others will growl and hiss at him, but wont attack him. When Mizz Purrzzy tries to start a fight with him, she will run to join in along with the others. Over all Mittens is a very kind and loving cat. Especially when she was pregnant, she would purr loud and proud eating up all the attention.

Mamma Mittens
grooms Mizz Purrzzy.

She still likes belly rubs, with scratches behind the ears. But no longer tolerates being held. Hardly ever fusses, rarely meows. She is very factitious though requiring an exceptionally clean litter box. She will come up rub against my legs then walk to the box, then back to me. Continuing until I get up and clean it to her satisfaction. Watching me every step of the way. Then once finished will jump in and use it. All prim and proper like the hole time.

Momma? I need some lov'n.

One more skinny shot.

Mittens is the only one that does not pick on Girl, although Lil' Bit is only trying to play with Girl when she does. Mittens can be insistent but is not pushy. To finish, overall Mittens is a “Purrfectly Feminine Feline” all lady like and proper, 100% girl. Hope you enjoy the pic's of her.


  1. She sure is a pretty girl! We love her masked face!!

  2. Mittens seems like a wonderful cat. :) you do such an awesome job of describing/profiling your cats.

  3. Very nice descriptions...I wish my mom and dad talked about me with such detail. Anytime one of your kitties would like to do a cartoon cameo please let me know tho I suppose it might be beneath Ms. Mittens.