Sunday, January 2, 2011

Odds 'n' Ends

Squirrel on the counter.
 First I want to thank everyone for the comments about Squirrel. I wont tell her though because it will just go straight to her head. She already acts like a movie star. LOL

I wanted to post a movie and see how well it works. I just ran across it the other day. I took this a couple of years ago, when I first got my camera. It is just a still camera (8 megapixel), I noticed it had a film option. I tried it out to catch Girl in action. Milk is a finger food, as you can see. She eats milk with her paws (she is left pawed). That is the only thing she does that way, although once I did see her drink it like water. This was taken when she was still deathly afraid of Squirrel. If she knew Squirrel was on the bed she would have run and hid. I think if I had more light (my place is so dark inside) it would be less grainy.

Eating milk from a glass.

I want to get one with her and a tall empty glass of milk. She will delicately place her paw in the glass to get the last drops at the bottom. Or if I have a full one in the coffee table she will stand up with one paw on the table the other to eat with.

Dinner Time.

Well the kitties are not sure what is exactly going on. I think that they may be a little frustrated with me right now. I have switched them to a dry food only diet. I still have not found a job and am just about out of funds. So I had to cut back on costs, they still get their nutrients but this is cheaper. They are used to me opening 3-4 cans in the mornings when I wake up. Each morning they still gather around the food bowels expecting it.

Before, see how skinny.

The Martian used to eat 3-4 cans a day by himself. When I first started feeding him regularly he looked to be about half starved. You can see the difference in the two photos. What my cats would not eat from the cans the outside ones would finish off. I was going through 8 cans or more a day before the Martian showed up. Maybe the fat ones will get back into shape this way. If they do I might just keep them on dry food.

After, much healthier.

Pretty has started staying in nights, joining me in bed along with her twin Ugly. Both sleeping at the foot of the bed now that Martian has joined me. He sleeps with his head on my pillow, laying down after nuzzling and giving me a kiss. I will have to do a progress post on him soon, he has come a long ways.

Outside wanting in.

Mizz Purrzzy walked in a couple minutes ago meowing for me to play with her. I put her in my lap but she wont lay down or sit still. So I type a few words pet her a couple min back and forth between typing and petting. Of course this was just right after Lil' Bit jumped down. She joined me when I first started typing.

Mizz Purzzy says
Phbbt... to me.

I saved the biggest news for last. (Cat change Lil' Bit is back in my lap) Girl jumped at Lil' Bit. You know how a kitten will leap 2-3 feet to attack another one, trying to get them to play. Well night before last Girl did that, she leapt from the arm of the couch to the recliner to chase Lil' Bit. I had thought Girl had chased her before but this was the first time I actually got to see it. As usual that was the extent of her play 15-30 seconds before getting scared and stopping. Still it is a major leap forward for Girl. I told “M” and she asked if I had a heart attack when I saw it. It was so surprising and made me feel so happy and proud for Girl. I had to reward her and immediately gave her some treats.

Girl ignores the Martian.

Like I said just a few odds 'n' ends to update everyone on whats happening here.


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  1. it's really cute how Squirrel drinks milk. i've known some cats who drank water that way and i've always found it adorable. :)

    i really hope you're able to find a job soon. :( i know how not having a job can be, but with 5 cats to feed in addition to yourself it must really be hard. :/ hopefully we'll both land good jobs in 2011!

    p.s. GO GIRL!! :D