Sunday, July 8, 2012

Kitty News

The twins, Pretty & Ugly.

 I have recently removed something from my routine that was taking up a disproportionate amount of time. I had let myself get caught up in an online activity that is just nothing more than a time waster. I was letting it take up far too much of my time and finding myself not spending time doing the things I really wanted to. With it gone now I plan on spending more time playing with the cats, I also hope to start posting more. The next problem is getting back in the habit of sitting down and writing, I can get lazy about doing this.

Squirrel is right at home.

Recently I got a new (used) couch, tossing the old one away. As you can see from most of the photos in this post it is a big hit. With the old one only The Martian and Lil' Bit would get up on it to sleep, the others would sometimes crawl into my lap. Now every-time I turn around I find another cat fast asleep on it. Even Squirrel likes it, she usually is not to be found, hiding from the others. You can see she has found herself a place on it. I don't know if maybe it is because this one has no cat scent on it yet or what, but at least they are enjoying it.

Pretty & The Martian.

Previously I had mentioned that Thor disappeared, well about 5 or 6 weeks ago my next door neighbor had their cat disappear on them. The came around asking if I had seen her after they had been away for a day and a half. They said they could not keep her in because of the dog door, so let her roam free. Then almost 2 weeks ago I came home and got a scare.

Ugly watching over TJ.

As most of you may know about half of the cats I write about are NMK's meaning they technically are my neighbors cats. Being allowed to come and go as they want 3 of them spend 80% or more of their time in my house. I only let them out so my neighbor can still see them and not think I took them. Most mornings they will go out, then when I get home to open the back door they are waiting to come back in. Just about 2 weeks ago I came home and only 2 were waiting to come in. Not unusual sometimes it will take a while before they realize I am home. That night I went to bed late and TJ still had not come in, this a few weeks after the other neighbors cat disappeared. I was getting worried, he is usually the biggest pest about coming in.

The twins making them selves right at home.

Squirrel noticed the camera.

Having gotten up in the middle of the night to use the restroom, I went to the back door to check once again for him. There he was wanting in, finally. I decided to keep them in from now on. You might say I stole them, although long ago they had already decided that this was home. The first couple of nights it was difficult with TJ crying to be let out. I do not like the idea of punishing cats for their behavior, that was what I felt like I was doing. When I went to bed I would have to get up and put him in the back room by himself. I did this so I could get some sleep, but still felt like I was punishing him. Thankfully he has stopped. All 3 will sometimes bug me to let them out during the day when I am up and about but they are getting use to it.

TJ the pest, who stated me worrying, Mizz Purrzzy looking at something.

I want to start something new so look for news in an upcoming post about KWF. I am hoping I can find someone to help me with some artwork for it. I see I need to update my about me section I hope to do that by next post. That is all the news for now, until next time remember “All Kittehs R Good Kittehs”



  1. Oh my gosh, all those kitties disappearing would freak me out! I'm glad you're keeping them in.. they will get used to it, it might take a little time, but they will.
    Looks like the couch is a hit!

  2. Inside kitties for sure a safer kitties, especailly if there is something out there grabbing kitties. With luck, eventually they will adjust.

    If you have a place for an enclosure, the kitties likely would enjoy it.

    1. I really wish I could built them a catico to play in. Then there would be bugs and lizards for them to play with. Maybe sometime in the future, I keep hoping.

    2. P.S. I really love the word "clowder" don't you?