Thursday, August 4, 2011

Playing Favorites

Girl & Tom sharing a feast.

Girl being my first kitty (after many years without a pet), as well as being the oldest (10 or 11) gets preferential treatment. Being somewhat concerned about recent changes in her fur, as well as appearing to lose weight, I decided to buy her can food to eat. All of them have been on a dry food only diet for the past several months. While Girl likes and eats the dry she is missing most of her teeth. When she first showed up most of her back teeth were bad and on the first vet visit it was decided to have them removed.

The crowd gathers around.

Being shy and timid she will not eat with the others, instead will hide when the others come around while she is eating. In fact most of the time she spends away from the others. I have always been a bit worried about her eating enough. I have decided to feed her a can a day to see if it helps. I have to close her in the bedroom to keep the others away. Also to encourage Tom to come around more I have been giving him her left overs (after she has had a couple of hours to eat it). This time I gave him his own can. Girl does not mind him being around ( I told you all the girls go crazy over him). If anything is left then the others get it.

Hour later, still there.

With me in the room and the door closed the others gather around. You can see them after I walked over to get the camera. Mittens and TJ moved when I walked out. About an hour later they were still there wanting in. This started when I bought a bag of dry that had a coupon for a free can. Twelve cats only one can, who gets it. My favorite of course, she does get other special treatment. Such as me keeping the others away, extra attention, etc.  


  1. I have to agree, the oldest needs special treatment and spoiling once in a while... Bless Girl!

  2. We hope the canned helps Girl, gets her to eat more, maybe gain some weight back.

    Both Nicki and Derry, though young, have had 8 and 9 teeth removed, respectively. In fact, Derry has no back molars on the bottom and perhaps none on the top, either, or just one. I'd have to hunt through his file to check. He still manages kibble--I'm sure he swallows it whole. (They get a limited amount, about 1/4 cup per day each.)

    Annie lost one (?) of her molars back in February 2010 (three teeth altogether), and it was good she always preferred canned anyway, because I noticed she had trouble chewing kibble after that. (Derry's such a piggy kibblehead he doesn't seem to mind he can't chew it.)

  3. We sure hope the can food helps girl. We give Miss Duchess and Domino the special preference treatment here. Still, our Mumsy somehow manages to usually share the can between all 7 of us.

    Take care, and we sure hope Tom stays there more with you. We like him too and want him to be safe.