Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Thomas Catticus


Tom has been coming by for about 6 years now. He might have even showed up before Girl did. Every bit the tom cat he does not stay in very long when he does stop by. I don't know if he has another home or not, I like to think he has several spots to get a hand out.

Lately I have been trying to entice him to hang around more by giving him a catnip mouse to play with. I have also been using what is left of this stringed toy. At first he was afraid of it when I would swing it near him, causing him to run from it. As you can see now he will play with it. Being a rare treat when Tom will grace us with his presence I do my best to make him feel welcome.

All the girls think he is hot, they just will not leave him alone. I think he is a bit shy, or maybe more of a Casanova as he doesn't really like all the attention. He is mostly a loner and will not play with the ladies, and will hiss at the other toms.

I just had to get these pictures and share. They are not the best, try playing with a cat while taking a picture with the other hand. It is a lot harder than I thought it would be. I just wish I could get more of the others in action. Oh well enjoy Thomas Catticus at play.



  1. Tom, I know what are you think , and why you don't play with others.
    Play alone, it made more you stand out
    and play hard to get ( for the ladies ) made you are more charming !
    Real Casanova ; )
    Am I right ?

  2. Tom, you're very handsome...We're glad you come indoors once in a while for play time and company!

  3. Thomas sure is a handsome mancat! Glad he is feeling a lot safer with you as years go by. Thank you for sharing him with us, Bryan. :)

  4. We are enjoying him at play! He is a cutie! He also seems like the strong, silent type, and you know girls just love those types ;-)

    Have a good weekend!