Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sleepy Sunday

                                                The floor is taken.

                                   Martian stops by to check things out.

                                              Mittens is all comfy.

                                           NMK's (Not My Kitties!)

                                        TJ, Ugly, & Pretty don't care.

                 A promise to keep the bed warm was kept by one and all!

                                   Even Blackie came in for the day.

                                  Ugly by the door getting some sun.

                                             Thor found a good spot.

                                  Mizz Purrzzy next to Mama Mittens. 



  1. Looks like everyone is having a great day.Lots of kitties all over the floor. Great pictures. You sure are a fantastic person to take care of all the neighborhood kitties. I know just how you feel about it. I do the same thing. I have 16 here at the moment. Take care.

  2. Mittens is just the cutest name for a cat! I don't know why, it just does it for me! :-)

  3. Wow! Sure is a lot of snoozing going on! Happy Sunday!

  4. Is this The Nap Pawsty ?
    From first till last photo, I didn't see anyone wanna get up...All enjoy lie down in different version : )


    PS : Thanks so much to your mommy to share her experience in Stay Strong Kitty : )