Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Psychic Cats (Mind Reading)

Dinner time audience.
All cats are psychic, as anybody owned by a cat can tell you. Just ignore the naysayers that tell you no such thing as supernatural powers exist. Scientists will deny that psychic abilities are real, stating that they can not be proven. Not one of them ever observed or ran tests on a cat. I firmly believe that all cats have ESP powers especially the ability to read minds.

Take for example the phenomenon of a cat “following” you by walking 3 steps in front of you. I am sure most of you have experienced this. They seem to know exactly where you are going even turning the same way you are going to. And if you change you mind to avoid them, they know it before you do and follow suite. Leading of course. They know when you are busy working at the desk, or on the computer, so naturally will pick that time to need your undivided attention. Now if you were just reading or browsing the internet they will leave you alone. Cats just want to make sure that you know that they are number one.

When I'm not in bed.

My cats are really good at demonstrating this ability. Even when I try to fool them they know what is really going on. Say, when I go to the kitchen to get something to drink, sometimes one or two will follow me and beg to get fed. Only when it has been a couple hours or more since I last put some food out though. It is a different story if I am going to fix me something to eat. They will magically appear in the kitchen before I open any cabinet doors. Even if they had ate just 30 minutes prior. They know that the good food (people food) is coming out. They also know that I will relent and let them nibble on something, like bacon or chicken. (pic 1). I can be mean though, sometimes I will let them sniff at sauerkraut or pickles, to teach them not to beg.

Sometimes when I am getting ready to go to bed I try to fool them. I will turn on the light and mess around trying to lure them in to the bedroom. I want to see how many I can get to join me in bed. ( I usually have 1 – 3 cats sleep with me). Most of the time I am trying to get Mittens or Mizz Purrzzy to join me as they rarely sleep with me. No dice they are not fooled. But when I am not in bed.... (see pic 2)

Caught playing.

I try to get them to think that I am making the bed. I will even pull pillows off of the bed and shuffle the sheets to make it sound like I am changing them. They know better and just ignore me. Just let me try to change the sheets, that’s a different story. Yesterday I changed the sheets and everyone joined in to help me. Even when I try to sneak in to do it they all come running.

Pretty checking things out.

Normally I will have Mittens, Squirrel and Lil' Bit on the bed helping me (see previous posts). Mizz Purrzzy will be in the room, sometimes joining the others on the bed. (If she does Lil' Bit will jump down). This time the Martian decided to join the festivities along with Pretty both for the first time. In the pictures they are joined by Squirrel and Mizz Purrzzy (pics 3-5). Mittens, Lil' Bit, TJ and Ugly had already jumped off with a total of 6 cats on the bed at one time.

Everyone playing.

Jumping on and off, sliding with the sheets as I pulled them off. Or running under them as I shake them out putting them on. A fun time was had by one and all kitties. Mittens had broken the fuzzy tail off of the string (next to Martian). Every one got a chance to play with something. Changing the sheets usually winds up as a “kitty play party”. Sometime if I get a camera I will make a movie of it. I think it would make pretty good showing.

Picture 1: Mittens behind Squirrel on the counter, Pretty with TJ joining her at the food bowl, Ugly cleaning herself Martian staring at Lil' Bit (off camera) who is growling at him. Picture 2: L2R Mittens next to Mizz Purrzzy with Squirrel in the background. Pic 5: Mizz Purrzzy left holding the stick, Pretty at the end of the string, with Martian between them and Squirrels in the corner watching everything.   

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