Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I would like to thank you all for your support and encouragement. It feels good to know that there are some people out there that care. After having spent so much time by my self it is hard just opening up trying to get to know people. Part of the reason for the blog, that and sharing about the kitties.

Mittens near the computer.

Being a man it is even harder to reach, out especially to ask for help. I have always had to be self sufficient, not having much in the way of family or friends to lean on. It is hard for me for two reasons, it does feel like begging, I hate asking for help. Second I see so many cats that need help for medical reasons, I would feel that I would be taking money away from them. I guess I need to get over that, because if something happened, and I had to move who would take care of these cats. They have no where to go, Girl would not survive in a shelter.


I don't know how else to do it, to try to raise emergency funds. I did get a Paypal button posted, and if anyone wishes to help out it would be greatly appreciated. I have had a Paypal account for a while, I use it for my Ebay auctions. I have been putting items up for sale, trying to raise some extra cash. If anyone is interested in checking my auctions out you can go to Ebay and search for my listings. Next to the search button click on advanced then on the left click by seller. In the box for sellers ID put cum4tlynum, it will give you a list of what I have for sale.

I think she has allergies.

I do promise to pay back any help received. The same way I ask others to when I help. That is to pass it forward, by helping others out when they need it.

I don't have a lot posted right now, a few items might be a bit high. That is because most items only get one bid, if I have to sell them then I put the lowest I would take (especially on the pictures) I also have a couple of stores at Zazzle one is “Cats Castle” which I have linked on here before the other is “Ponderings, Quotes and Sayings”. I also have some Cafe Press sites, there each design is a different store I have most of them linked to each other. Mostly the same designs on each with a few exceptions. You can try this link and this one. I need to spend some more time getting new designs made and posted. Have only had one shirt sell at Cafe Press after having the site over a year. Had several items sell at Zazzle, only opened it this year. I think due to less competition. Some people actually make a living with these two.

Mizz Purrzzy

I have been trying to find ways to make some extra on line. I did start a blog at Wordpress which I linked to my none cat related stores. I have let it fall behind and need to get back at it. I also have Google Adsence and Amazon affiliate. You have seen their links on this blog. None of these pay out unless you make at least $20 which is hard to do.

Mizz Purrzzy's babies.

As to doing a search to earn money on line, most of the results are scams (I have checked some of them out). Wanting money up front. Similar to those preweb adds in newspapers “make money stuffing envelopes”. However I have run across a couple of places (did not search for them) that pay for articles, being a bit unsure of my writing style have not yet submitted anything. Although there are a few subjects I could write about. There is also a web site that if you have an idea they will help to get it produced and sold. What is nice is anyone can join. Those that participate by offering suggestions helping improve others ideas can also earn money. I keep putting off joining, due partly I think to being a bit down.

Can never get a good pic of his face.

I mention these to let you all know about them so you can use them too. Also to promote my sites to encourage visitors. I did join Face Book recently, I post links to my stores there to promote them. If anyone wants to friend me search for “Bryan Buckner” you will see Squirrel's pic as my profile pic. Not very good at setting up this web page so do not have all the links I would like on here.

My profile pic.

Again thanks for your support, if anyone knows anything else I could do or wants to help me set something up I would greatly appreciate it. I hate to admit it but trying to keep everything going I have gotten several hundred behind. Not only behind in electric bill but rent also, that is why I was going to let it go. At least until I got rent caught up. It is hard catching up after having been unemployed for so long. Oh well things can only get better, right.


  1. I keep up with my bills, but I know what it's like to be thousands of dollars in debt. Again. LOL. It's just so hard in today's economy, even though I have a good job (knock on wood). Vet bills and unexpected costs are the biggest expense, it's absurd what you have to pay for vet care today (at least in Canada) and puts good animal caretakership out of reach for most, IMO. (Thank goodness I don't have a car, no way could I afford one!)

    I don't have a lot to spare, but will make a small donation via your PayPal. I, too, am paying forward the help I got from those around the CB. Yes, on the one hand it's "begging" and feels awful, but on the other hand, it can bring satisfaction and joy to help out too. So to deny people the ability to help you in your need is to deny us a way of giving, of opening our hearts. Two sides of the coin, giving and receiving. And to do one, you really do have to be able to do the other.


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  3. Bryan, I do agree with Kim
    I'm not able to do donation because I didn't have credit card and paypal account . In general, I used my husband's credit card which have to be approved by him. But I would like to send something to you which is a gift ( Please, Don't think too much ) Please give your address, I will send something to you


    We are friends, Please Don't hesitate

    Mom Boom and Puddy

    PS : I'm same as Kim, A fan of public transport : ) , Just my husband got a car

  4. Bryan, I know its hard opening yourself up to people and trust. And I know its hard when you feel alone. Just know you are not alone. Things stay pretty tight moneywise around here, but we'll do whatever we can to help. We can always offer friendship and true careing 24/7. Our Mumsy will check out your Wordpress too. Keep in touch, we are out here.

  5. And your girls are all beautiful!

  6. Hi. I had a kitten that needed surgery, that there was no way I could afford. I took real cute pictures of her and started her own facebook page with a chip in account. CHIPIN.com is where people can gift you money. Paypal does not like a donation button without a nonprofit. I found that out, but chip in is fine as gifted money. Anyway I posted her link on all the big cat sites on fb like purina, alley cat allies...blahblah. In one weekend i raise 2000bucks to get here surgery. It is a little bit of work networking and getting the information out there, but she is famous kitty now with over 800 friends and raised over 3500 for her vet bills. PEOPLE care...don't lose hope. You just have to network and share your story. Great kitty pictures help too...lol