Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sleepy Sunday

Once again everyone is enjoying a day of rest.

                               Lil' Bit woke up as I took the picture.
                             Finally she was able to completely relax.
                                          Blackie came in for the day.
                                        Pretty in her favorite spot.
                                  Squirrel sleeps with one eye open.
                                        Mittens is totally relaxed.
                            TJ and Pretty are not sure what to make of Mittens.

Hope you all had a nice peaceful weekend.



  1. Love the "Flat Cat Tummy Up" position! My floofy ones seem to favor that, too.

  2. Mittens that is a fantastic sleepy position I try to sleep this way, but my paws always need to curl my paws to stay on my back.

  3. We love them trying to figure Mittens out! Some of us sleep with one eye open too! Those are super great sleeping spots. We love it!

    P.S., Hi Bryan!

  4. MOL. Great job, Mittens! You sure are relaxed. :)