Saturday, September 26, 2009

Introduction Pt 3

Sometime during the previous events the place had been sold and the new owner decided (after having a couple of the units stay vacant for several months) to allow pets. I no longer have to worry about getting caught with Girl. Also during this time I still had cats come and go with several regulars. When I would hear one eating I would check and see who it was and then make them “pay the toll”. They would have to let me pet them before leaving. Occasionally I would hear someone eating and when I would go to look nothing, just a bushy tail going out the door. My first thought was gray squirrel as that was what the tail reminded me of. I finally caught a quick glimpse of the cat. A few weeks later, after not coming around for several days, she did not run but stayed to eat (probably starved). I had this skinny scrawny kitty (with great big feet) sitting there eating. If I tried to pet her she would back away a couple of feet then back to the food.
I was able to run my finger back of her head near her ears, a couple of times of this she would start to grow and move. She would rotate around the food never stop eating just grow and move, around and around. Then she started to stay in sleeping on the floor or where ever. Spending more and more time in the house. This was Squirrel, I started naming cats again.
After she decided to stick around she started attacking Girl. I constantly had to separate them. They got in to a big scrape, I did not realize how bad it was at first. A few days after I noticed Girl had hurt her self on her tail near her rear. As it was not healing and she would not leave it alone I took her in to the vet. The vet shaved her tail gave her some ointment and some antibiotics for any infections, and told me it looked like a puncture wound. Squirrel had bitten Girl hard. She has healed up and Squirrel has calmed down but Girl still is untrusting of her. Squirrel would spend most of her time inside letting me get close to her but still not pet her.
After a couple of months of this my brother and his wife stopped by to visit, Squirrel did not run outside or go hide like the others did. She came out to see what was going on, but not getting too close to them. It was on this day that she let me approach her and pet her for the first time. There after she enjoyed it, rubbing up against me looking for attention. When I would sit on the floor at the coffee table, writing etc she would climb into my lap lay there. She even started sleeping in bed with me, much to Girl's dislike. Much improvement but still have problems there with those two.
Squirrel likes her toys, I have one that is tear drop shaped with feathers that she really loved. She would toss it 5 feet in the air and jump up 3-4 feet and catch it. She really enjoyed playing with it, until Mittens came along. Things were going good for a while, Girl would even appear in the room with Squirrel in it. SK (Squirrel Kitty) started to fill out no longer the scrawny little thing. She actually started getting fat, then I realized that she was pregnant. I found out cats usually drop within a couple months. I made an appointment at the Humane Society to get her spayed, they were a lot cheaper than what my vet would have charged (close to $500 vs. $70). While I was at it I decided to have Twinkie neutered, as I had come to think of him as being my cat(it being over a year with him living here). Twinkie had shown up with some tar or something on his tail and it was still there so I also had them remove it. They shaved most of his tail, and after 2 years it was gone. The appointment for SK was on a Saturday, of course a couple of days before they found a hoarder in town, over 450 dogs. The Humane Society called to reschedule this happened 3 or 4 times, by now SK was getting close, to dropping.
I barely managed to not wind up a grandpa. I had to keep Twinkie in for a week to heal and her for at least 2. I wound up locking him in the spare bathroom at night so he would not attack Girl, and I could get some sleep. Finally I could start letting him out again. I was starting to think about making them all indoor kitties, better for them, but he would not adjust. It was at this time that Mittens showed up. Came in one day to eat and stuck around most of the day every day. Then Twinkie disappeared about 2 months after getting fixed.

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