Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Introduction (cont.)

While Twinkie was the main one other cats would still come and go. Then one night while sitting on the couch I heard a cat meowing, wanting in. I went to the back door to see if the wind had closed it but it was still open. I called and nothing so went back to the couch, only to hear the cry again a few minutes later. Again to the back door and there was Girl (remember I had quit naming cats so she was a girl cat) standing outside asking to come in. I told her to come on in as the door was open she came. For the first several days she would not come in even if the door was open until I invited her in ( a proper little lady). After eating she joined me on the couch bumping up against me eagerly wanting to be petted, if I stopped she would start up again insisting. She was/is very skittish, if I coughed or she heard a loud noise or another cat she would run under my bed and hide. Not coming out for a couple of hours. In the morning when I went to work I would spend up to 20 minutes chasing her to put her out.
Well that continued for a few weeks until I got tired of it, so one weekend I went out and got a litter box and showed her where it was. I made sure that she had used it and then on Monday I just left her in. It was 3 weeks or more before she ever went outside again, she had decided that this was her home and would not leave. I quit worrying if she belonged to anyone I figured she was abandoned or just not being taken care of. Girl could have left any time she wished as the door was usually open when I was home. I did close it if it was raining, if Twinkie was in he would fuss to be let out and if I ignored him or was asleep he would attack Girl. He would get put out right away for that. So the door stayed open most of the time.
Girl was very jumpy if she heard a noise outside or if I moved too quick or made a loud noise she would run and hide. Girl spent most of her time under my bed but would join me when I went to sleep. When she was in the front room with me she would sit on the arm of the couch constantly watching the food bowls looking for other cats, she never seemed to relax. If another cat would come in and eat she would run and hide. I figured that she must have had it pretty hard and might even been abused. She does not like people either, this surprised me at first. Girl was very friendly with me since she first showed up. Girl always wants love and attention but at arms distance, she will not lay next to me or in my lap but always almost out of reach.
So I have always been very protective of her. After I let her stay she stopped meowing never made any sounds. Never asked for dinner barley even purred. Never fully relaxing and would run if I got a string or other toy out and tried to play with her. It was a couple of months before I found out she purred, it was so quite I could hardly hear it even with my ear next to her, only by having my finger under her throat while scratching her hear did I feel it. So I let her hide, keep other cats away and would toss Twinkie out when he went after her. Other wise he was a good cat. He would let me know when he wanted to be feed with constant meowing. After several months Girl finally caught on and started hollering to be fed. I use to feed her where ever I found her and had a place all the others. Sometimes it was under the coffee table sometimes near one of the beds. I finally put an end to it and put her food in my room and would close the door so she could eat in peace. I also got her a separate litter box in my bedroom.
I always through my dirty socks on the floor in my closet and sometimes I throw my shirt on the floor next to the dresser for the night. I started to notice when I would pick them up to wash they would smell and be wet or yellowed. That was when I figured out that Girl was peeing on them. Since I had finally decided that Girl was mine I took her to the vet to get spayed and checked. The vet checked her over and found out she was already spayed and in otherwise good health. Her problems using the litter box was probably related to all the other cats, as she only peed outside of it. I had some old towels so I put them down by her box, wash and change them out twice a week. She no longer uses my socks.

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