Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sleepy Sunday

Running a little behind on postings. Last week just as I was getting ready to post a thunder storm came in, so I had to shut the system down. Then again on Monday, next thing I knew it was the weekend again. Anyways here is how the day was spent at my house. Just a few pictures of what everyone was up to.

                                       The Twins sleeping together.

                                          Mittens on her shoes.

                                          The Martian in his bed.

                    Everyone gathers around me at the table when I sit there.  



  1. Oh that looks like a wonderful, peaceful Sunday!

  2. Doesn't everyone look all snuggly and sleepy! Very relaxed kitties, all safe and comfy!

  3. Empty cardboard boxes. The bed of choice around here, too.