Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cat vs Paper Bag

Mittens has never meet the brown paper bag that she couldn't destroy. She has a thing for paper bags & cardboard boxes. Thankfully she does not have pica, as she never tries to eat them, just destroy them. She will dig in to bite out a chunk of the bag then spits it out on the floor. Some times it looks like a bag exploded in the middle of the front-room.

                                             Gotta try this one.
                                                  Yep got it.
                                           Wait what was that flash.
                                                  Change of attack.
                                                Now you've had it.
                                              Time to get serious.
                                            What?! The bag started it.
                                              Time for a much needed nap.  


  1. MOL! She's seriously into destroying that bag! I think that's Ugly (who is actually beautiful!) sitting next to her, giving her looks like "Wow, sister, you got some serious issues.. I can't watch this.." Love it!

  2. Way to go, Mittens. Show that bag who's boss.

  3. Ha...Ha... Ha..Mittens, You are so FUNNY !!!! Picture no # 4, 5 and 7 made Me and Mom do rolling on the floor !

  4. Mittens, you were just having so much fun with that bag. We know the bad started it. Thanks for sharing the pawsome photos. Have a great nap and wonderful weekend.
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