Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sleepy Sunday

Another Sunday, another hard day of rest. As you can see these cats are pros. They take the job of napping very seriously. Next week I hope to be better prepared and have some pics of the others who rarely appear.

Pretty on the conter.

Mittens & Squirrel on a pair of dirty jeans.

Blackie on the dresser.

Ugly & Pretty on the other dresser.

Mizz Purrzzy on the dresser.

Mittens nose in my shoe. (Just loves my shoes)



  1. MOL...Mittens, You always got me laugh and see myself in you !
    Pretty and Blackie have the same way of nap..Spread : )

    Have a wonderful Sunday guys

  2. omc we gets yelled at fur going on the counter, you is lucky you cans sleep theres! PURRRS2U!
    Bengal Trio =^_^=

  3. How reassuring to have Cats to hold all your stuff down! Our Tiny Johnson is a shoe man, too.

  4. Yes, your cats are obviously well-versed at taking it easy! Have a great Sunday, Bryan! :)

  5. makes me wanna zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..........