Monday, June 13, 2011

Misc News

Bragging Time

Asleep on the bills.

Getting a drink.

Right at home on the counter!!

All by herself.

Here are a couple of pictures of Girl exploring new territory. She is up on the counter where I put out the water. She got up there all by her self. I do have a water dish in my bedroom just for her. After she came out the other day to eat with the other cats I stopped feeding her in the bedroom. Now she is good about joining them most of the time. Some times I have to sit with her to get her to eat. Mail and bills collect on the floor next to the coffee table. You can see her sleeping on them, something the other cats do. This is her first time. Lately when I come home from work, when all the cats gather around the door to greet me she has been joining in. I wish I could get a pic of her in the middle of the others. My little girl is growing up to be a big brave kitty.

Bed Partners

Its bed time.

I have mentioned before that Pretty & Ugly come in every night. They always join me in bed, sometimes before I can even turn out the light and crawl in. They are such regulars with me now that I have trouble getting to sleep unless they both join me. So that when one of them does not come in before I go to bed I wake up every hour or so and check the door to let them in. What is nice is the last few nights Squirrel has started to join us. She had gotten shy with so many other cats in the house.

Feeding Time

Every one is starting to get used to the dry food diet. They are not bugging me to be fed wet food as much as they did at first. However the other day when I fixed me a tuna sandwich I did have to fend off several cats. Almost as bad when I cook chicken. They gather around for the kill.


Look at all that hair!

It makes some ball.

Mizz Purrzzy's coat feels like felt when you pet her. But her hairs feel coarse when gathered together. She is constantly shedding, I know I need to brush her more. Here are some pictures showing how bad. After several strokes from neck to tail I just rub my hands together and this is what I got. Quite the fur ball don't you think. First image is the pile second one is after I rolled it into a ball.

Pretty Ugly.

You can now get your very own “Pretty Ugly” from my Zazzle store. I just uploaded their image. I plan to start updating my products over the next few weeks. Stop by and check it out. All profits go to feeding the clowder.


  1. There's nothing better than a kittie cuddle to help you get to sleep!

    I guess it's that time of year for fur shedding though.... it's inevitable!

  2. w00t!!! i'm so happy for Girl! :DDD that's GREAT news!!

    it's sweet that you have such loyal bed companions. :) i hope you can brush Mizz Purrzzy more, though. with that much shedding, it must be hell for her to clean herself. :(

  3. It sounds like things are going well for everyone.

    Our boys are shedding too, and have been for ages, but they can be brushed. Actually, Derry LOVES to be brushed, he could take it all day. LOL.

  4. Wow, Bryan, it's so nice to be able to comment on your blog at last! Thank you for Disabling

  5. That sure looks like some good progress! Now if we can only get my new sister Precious used to us!

  6. HI Bryan, thanks for supporting spay/neuter. I have been an Registered vet tech for many many years and for 17 of those years I have worked at Humane Alliance spay/neuter clinic. That's where I met Homer :)

    the website is

    I hope you'll check it out..

    Daniela (Homers mom)