Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Time

      Well it is getting to be that time of the year again, time to get the tree out, put the decorations up. Once again this year I won't be doing any of that, this will be my third year running with out decorations. My main worries are not so much anything getting broken or damaged. It that one of the kitties might get hurt. 

      Two years ago was Mittens first Christmas with me, and Squirrel's second. Squirrel did good her first year leaving the decorations alone. Mittens however I was unsure about, especially since I was still training her to stay off of the tables. Being a bit larger that the other cats she would knock stuff off when she would jump up on them. I think she would be OK this year though. She is a bit fatter and lazier. (We have some weight issues we are working on)
Squirrel's first Christmas

      Last year was Lil' Bit's first Christmas with me, sure she had been around since she was spayed in February. She was and still is very playful and kitten like, in that she has a short attention span and lots of energy. I just did not want to tempt her with ornaments dangling from a tree. She is spoiled though, as she is allowed up in to places that the others are not. Each one is spoiled in a different way, allowed to do something the others are not. I suppose that Lil' Bit is spoiled the most.

      This year the Martian is the new cat around the house. He is very well behaved especially if you consider that he was almost completely feral this past summer when he first started showing up regularly. I am fairly certain that he would not try to play with the tree or other decorations. He is even calm around the other cats, most of them growl at him. However once in a while a show down will occur and cats will be flying everywhere. Mizz Purrzzy cornered him once hissing and growling ready to attack. Martian just ran off but the others heard what was going on, they ran to join in (like kids in a play ground ). Every one circling and swatting at him as he ran by. 

      Then there are the outside cats. Some of them are spending more time inside than they have in the past. I use an end table that I remove the lamp and clear off to put the tree on. Having a 3 ½ – 4 foot one as it is just for me, so on a table it goes. Ugly has started sleeping on that table, probably because the table is next to the front window. Plus is a pest when she wants out, going back and forth rattling the shades annoying me until I let her out. Maybe if I moved it into the dinning area she would stay off of it with the tree on it. She is not the only one getting up on the end tables though. Some of the other cats will jump up on the tables when playing chase or when just trying to get away. 

      As for them playing with cords, I do not think I have much to worry there. You should see the cords lying under the table the computer is on. Not to mention the cords behind the TV. None of the cats seem to be interested in chewing on or playing with any of the cords. Which is good as I am not sure how I would be able to keep them all away from the cats. I did try to hang a light on the wall once, it had a cord hanging down to the outlet. Within 3 minutes Mittens was there playing with the cord along the wall, that was just calling out to be played with. I put the light away, until I can figure something out. I do not want it to fall down on her having her get hurt. 
I am innocent!!!!

      Over all they are pretty well behaved, I don't think there would really be much trouble. I just worry about when I go out or to bed at night. I think I might put just the tree out as a test to see if it stays on the table, if that works in a week add some lights. So if all goes well then maybe next year I can put all the decorations up. 

     I do have a couple of pictures of the last time I had decorations up with Squirrel in the pic's. The first pic is where I hung the light up that Mittens got to. That is her on the right and Squirrel as the other “bookend”. The cord ran between the display cases ( I had just gotten them and those two immediately staked out their territory on top.) The second one is Squirrel on the piano checking out the decorations. The last pic is Squirrel's looking innocent pose. 


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