Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Kitty Playpen

I have a special playpen for my cats. Most of them love to play in it by themselves or with a toy. I discovered their joy with it on day by accident. They would follow me in and jump into the tub, on day I tossed an empty TP roll in when Mittens was in the tub. This is one of her favorite toys, as it is cardboard and she can tear it up. As you can see in the picture of her she is having a good time with it.
Toys from milk jug.
Something else the cats enjoy is the top from a gallon milk jug, both the ring and the lid. I usually have a dozen under the fridge at any time. Also I created a little puck using the foil wrapper off of a Ding Dong, Mittens loves that one also.

                                    Mittens rabbit kicks TP roll.

I tried using the empty roll with some of the others but they were not that interested so one day I tossed in the puck, instant hit. Between that and the lid all the cats are entertained. I stopped using the TP rolls as I would forget and turn the water on soaking them. One day shortly after I started this I heard a loud noise coming from the bathroom, go check it out to find The Martian playing. Now when he gets board he will go in there and play by himself. The others still will not play with him, so this gives him something he can do on his own. As you can see by the photos most every one has a good time.

                                         Lil' Bit @ Play.

                                                     Lil' Bit again.

                                               Squirrel circles her prey.

                                                   She stalks it.

                                                She attacks.

                                          Oh oh the Diva noticed the camera. 

                                                Ugly has got it!

                                              Where did it go?

                                            The Martian has it on a roll.

                         The Twins checking out the racket in the tub.


  1. LOL they look like they have found a great place for playtime! Simple but effective :)

  2. There is kind of a rule of thumb: The cheaper the toy, the more fun. The more expensive the toy, the less a kittie will play with it.

    We just found you, so you might have dealt with this already, but we're wondering why the others won't play with The Martian?

    1. He was abandoned by his previous owner on his own for about 2 years, during that time he became wild. He would attack anyone and anything that was close. All of the cats used to be outdoor cats before I took them in (they adopted me). I believe that during that time they learned to dis-like him. I do know that after I brought him in several times I would have to stop a fight just before it became serious, usually 2 or 3 to 1, with the others starting it. One time I found him surrounded by 5 cats. If he walked near one of the others they would either slap and hiss or run away. Now though things are much better, Mittens will slap at him if he gets too close, some of the others will fall down and start hissing. They are starting to ignore him even tolerate him on occasion. It could be that I already have a house full of cats with him being the newest addition and it is a territory thing with them.