Sunday, April 22, 2012

Long time no blog

Girl Kitty!

I just added it up, it has been about 8 months since my last post. I hope everyone is doing OK. As most of you are aware I had some difficulties and had to cut back on things, internet included. I just wanted you to know that we are doing all right now, I managed to get caught up with everything. I even got the internet back as you can see.

My favorite pic of her, the turkey pose.

I got back on line about a month ago. I wanted to get caught up with my emails, news, etc. I have tried to catch up with the blogs I am following, but it has been hit and miss. I did notice that some are not posting as often as they did, I also noticed the absence of one or two others. Makes me wonder if anything bad happened or if just due to life changes, loss of interest, and so on.

What am I suppose to do with this?

Which brings me to the subject of this post. A lot has happened while I was offline, yet not much has changed (or is that the other way around). I am not sure where I want to go with this blog, or what to do with it. I still want to brag about my kitties. My hart is not in it like it use to be. I have spent the last couple of weeks thinking I should start this up again, but could not think of much to say on a daily, or weekly basis. It does not seem like much happens each day. I go to work come home feed the cats and that is about it.

Such a sad look. Nov 2011

I don't know if maybe it is a bit of depression lingering. Seems like a lot of priorities have changed. A lot of other things just seem meaning less. It could also be that one of the main reasons I started this was to brag on one cat in particular. One who seemed that she had been through a lot, yet she still opened up and let me love her. She had changed, grown so much that I was very proud of her. I wanted to let people know that with a little time, effort and love how wonderful these magnificent creatures can be. Not to give up or pass them by because they may be old, scared, timid, or even aggressive. With a little care and love they can blossom to be a wonderful caring friend with much love to give.


This is going to be the first, last, only time I will mention this, as I do not think about it doing my best to put it out of my mind. There is a lot of anger, hurt, frustration involved with this, the full details of which I will leave out, I just can't get into it. On Nov 14, 2011 just before midnight Girl took her trip over the bridge. I personally helped her cross over, here in her home where she felt safe and loved. God this is still hard to write. She was and will always be my baby girl, my sweetie pie being so quite and gentle. I will always miss her. She is the reason I have so many cats. She is the one that started it all. I suppose for her I will keep this blog going.

Thor (MIA)

Like I said a lot has happened, but not much has changed. About 6 or 7 weeks ago Thor disappeared. Sometimes he would not come around for a few days, but after not even seeing him in the back yard for a week I knew he was gone. I fear that the coyotes got him. I live in the middle of town, and yes I have seen them in the street out front. He was one of the five that “belong” to my neighbor. Being such I did not try very hard to make him an indoor kitty, having to let him wonder around so they can see him. They are the ones that put food out but will have little to no interaction with their cats. Three of their other cats (Pretty, Ugly, TJ) spend most of their time in my house I make no apologies. Only TJ bugs me to get out at night the other 2 are usually in bed with me.


That brings the count down to 10 my 5 and the neighbors 4 plus Tom (who is totally independent). None of my cats get to go out ever the neighbors 3 I keep in at night and usually most of the day. I have started to work on getting Blackie and Tom to want to stay around more. Tom may never become an indoor cat, unlike Thor who stayed near by, he wonders the whole neighborhood (too independent). Disappearing for a week at a time. I have seen him several blocks away, I do not know if he has a regular home or not. That leaves Blackie as my best bet to corral into being a house cat. Everyone is still on a mostly dry food diet. I give both Tom and Blackie canned food as a bribe to come around more often, the rest get left overs. At least for the time beaning.

Rare pic. Tom making himself at home. 

Well that kinda brings everyone up to date on whats happened over the past several months. Sorry it got a little depressing. I am still not sure how often I will update will have to wait and see.  


  1. We have missed you! I am so very sorry that you lost Girl, but I'm glad you had her and I'm glad you were with her to the end and that she knew she was loved.
    I hope that Thor has found a home somewhere and that's why he's gone missing.
    I am glad the rest are doing well and I hope that you are or will be soon. It's hard to go through so much alone, but remember, you have the rest of us here for you. Sending hugs, prayers and purrs.

  2. I had only just started following your blog when you went offline. I think you might find that you are not so alone in the cat blogosphere. It is a super bunch of people and cats. Take care

  3. We are glad to see you back, and hope you'll decide to keep blogging, even if less often than before. :)

    We are sorry to hear about Girl's passing. Thank you for loving her so very much. She knew your love, and that is a wonderful thing. Like Andrea, we hope, purr and pray that Thor is alive and well, perhaps in a new home.

    Hugs to you all.

  4. Nice to see you back again. We hadn't forgotten about you!

  5. We are so sorry to hear about Girl, and our hearts are with you. That turkey pose picture is just perfect. We understand what it's like to have blogger's block, and just general enjoying life block. Purrs from us to you. It will get better, we can feel it.