Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Work Update

Pardon my finger.
 This is my second attempt at writing this, the first try got long, and might be a bit too boring. I got a little to detailed, and identifiable. I want to keep this job at least until I can find something else, so I wont post it. Maybe later when I have moved on and I can include names. As for the work its self it is not too bad, so far I have survived. It is not that so much as it is the companies policies, that make this a less than desirable place to work.

Lil' Bit see's something outside.

What is this funny flashing thing???

I said before they were low on my list of places to work at. I worked for a place that sold a branch of their business to them, so I had worked there before. I estimate in the first month 40% quit due to policies another 20% got fired in the following 2 months. In my current experience it is as bad as I remember. Let me explain in a brief overview of what makes it so. Remember this is a call center I am working for.

Squirrel says "Don't forget me!!!"

First the turn over rate is very high. There is very little training, before getting set out to sink or swim. You are measured by your metrics such as call time, along with requirements to be met on every call. We are divided into teams with coaches as supervisors. Failure to meet the metrics results in getting fired. The big problem is that there is little to no coaching to help the employee to improve on these. With very little training you have to figure it out as you go creating high call times especially in the beginning. The company figures it is sink or swim and if you can not make it then they will just hire more. Throw enough people at it to see who sticks.

Everyone gets along at dinner time.

They only get paid by the number of employees taking calls. It seems they would save a bundle with some improvements in these areas. With improved moral less would quit, better coaching fewer would get fired. They would get the numbers they need to fill the seats keeping them while cutting down the costs of training continuously. Having worked in call centers before I understand the need to be dynamic and flexible, to a point. I have started work at 6 am, 7 am 7:30, 8, 6 etc. Days off vary every week, it is very rare to get 2 in a row, one week I had Thursday and Saturday off, another it was Sunday and Thursday. A little more consistency would go a long ways. Flipping burgers starts to sound real good even at a lower pay. So yes I am looking for another job, so I can join the ranks of those that have left.

A big water bowl for a big cat.

What I was thirsty!

Well enough griping, it is keeping a roof over my head and food for my little ones, so it will do until something real comes along. Now one to the kitties. No real theme just some photos I wanted to share. Action photos are hard to get as digital cameras do not click when you push the button, instead they spend time charging the flash. The old cameras with flash bulbs were instantaneous, I miss that. My house is a bit dark so I miss almost all of the best shots.



  1. The mom has spent enough time in soul-sucking jobs to appreciate the good one she has now (knock on wood). It does help to keep perspective (i.e. paying the bills, being employed), but definitely put your energy into finding sometime more suited to your needs. We're just glad we don't have to worry about stuff like that!

    -Nicki and Derry at Fuzzy Tales

  2. I think another job certainly is in line for you. That job sounds terrible. But guess you need to keep making money so might have to put up with all the trouble.
    The pictures are so great of all the kitties. Love the one of the cat drinking out of the toilet. He must really be a big cat. Take care.

  3. i really hope something better comes you way really soon.... that "sink or swim" way of doing things is horrible. i wouldn't be able to stand working for an employer like that, let along putting up with your constantly varying schedule... i salute you for doing what has to be done, but i really hope that something better comes your way soon.