Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Vet Visit

Lil' Bit prowling
 Just took Lil' Bit in to see the vet for her yearly exam with shots. She weighed in at 6 pounds 12.5 ounces. Last year they made a mistake recording her at 8 lb 11 oz, understandable with the confusion. I had taken all of them in for one large appointment most of them at 8lb. Mittens over 12, she needs to diet. So she got 3 shots, the vet pronounced her healthy and fit agreeing that 8 lbs had to be wrong other wise she would be a roly poly fur ball.

Smug cat.

Poor thing did not fair too well. I had the day off so took her in during the morning. After we got home she was unusually quite and calm. (She is almost always running around the house, jumping around very active) I went to look for her, found her laying on my computer chair. She spent most of the day there. She was very grouchy all day, growling at Squirrel when she walked by. (Those two always play together).

All worked up running around the house.

She did come out later in the day. Lil' Bit is the brave one, she will growl down the Martian, who weighs in just under 15 pounds, at any time. He normally slowly backs down. This time she was so fierce he ran away. She has no patience, if she gets a claw stuck while sharpening them she will growl ready to fight because she is stuck. “M” was over one day and heard this, she thought that my cats were getting ready to fight. Well with every step Lil' Bit took she was growling up a storm causing all of the others to seek shelter. Soon she laid back down, much to everyone’s relief. I guess she was very sore from the shots, she took them hard last year also. Poor little thing.

Martian calmly walks away.

Over all this year went very well, much better than last year. The vet was even able to get her temp, and physically check her over. Last year, I took all 4 of my cats in. (This was just before or just after Mizz Purrzzy joined us, Martian was not hanging around yet). I pegged her as the calmest so planned to catch her last to put into a carrier. Girl can run and hide easily, normally spending most of her time hiding from the others. I closed her in the bedroom, lured her out with food. Then I got Squirrel as once I started caging cats I knew she would run. Worried that Mittens would start getting nervous I grabbed her next.

Sitting pretty.

Lil' Bit does not like to be held (unless SHE jumps into your lap, then she is very loving) but is mostly out and about, where I am able to grab her. Normally she squirms but I can carry her around. Last year after seeing the others caged she got very antsy. After a couple of scratches (she had never scratched before or after) and the third time I caught her. I grabbed her by the scruff of her neck and back (no I did not pick her up or carry her this way as a cat can get hurt like that) supporting her with my other arm. She bit me, did a 360 roll out of my arms. Leaving me with a hand full of hair, her with a big bald spot in the middle of her back. The vet was concerned about this thinking something was wrong I had to explain the situation to her.

On the prowl.

I let her calm down for about 15 min before trying again. I managed to get her to the vet along with the others. She was mad for 2 days. The vet had to use gloves and a towel to be able to handle her. She got the minimal of exams that day, with a very quick once over by the vet. That may also be why they got her weight wrong. Learning from my mistakes this year she was the only one I took in. The others are due so will start taking them in, but not all at the same time. Much less stress on them I believe.


  1. I'm happy here , You guys is heathy...some of you may have to do diet but everyone does in some state even me !

    I bite my mommy too..Every Day !..You should see her arms and hands..Pretty cool tattoos ! Human have to learn to protect themself if they don't want new tattoo,

  2. *nods* i definitely agree that it'd be less stress on them AND you if you don't take them all in at the same time.

    glad that Lil' Bit checked out fine and is getting better at going to the vet. :)

  3. Gosh Lil'Bit, for a tiny girl you sure have some fight in you! Way to go. Sounds like you are getting used to going to the vet too!

    Whicky Wuudler